Eric Pitcock

RootScore Reports

Simplifying the scope of mobile performance reporting.

RootScore Reports, map, desktop


RootScore Reports are released in small batches during a reporting period (1st or 2nd half of the year). This means a new reporting period for 125 US cities could begin with as few as three reports, leaving 122 — still current — reports in the previous period.

RootScore Reports timeline

Having current reports span multiple periods isn’t a problem by itself, but because the previous version of this product was segmented by reporting period, a first batch of three reports, represented by three markers on the map, is an underwhelming first impression.

Analytics indicated that many users were leaving right away. And feedback from users, and even employees, was often around the difficulty in finding current reports. Based on this information, we gathered that many users didn’t know to use the timeline to switch to a previous reporting period to find the remaining current reports.

The timeline also presented a problem in regard to awards. Some new award categories didn’t exist three years ago. So if a user was viewing a new category and used the timeline to switch to a year it didn’t exist, they would need to be alerted or automatically switched to another category, resulting in even more confusion.


  • Make it easy to find the most recent reports.
  • Remove the confusion around missing categories.
  • Completely redesign everything. And make it work on any device.


This was a process of simplification. Using the map view as a historical reference of mobile performance was getting in the way of the overall goal, which was providing users with the most up-to-date information.

Eliminating the timeline removed confusion over where the latest reports where, because everything was the latest by default. A new history section within each report preserved and provided access to older reports.

The new UI is clean, minimal, and focused. It pairs the map and the list, which was previously hidden, to give the user multiple paths into the reports.

RootScore Reports, sketches RootScore Reports, report, desktop RootScore Reports, map, tablet RootScore Reports, mobile RootScore Reports, prototype

Prototypes were a key part of the process. InVision was used to quickly produce and share new ideas. Check out an early prototype here.

RootScore Reports, map design

The custom map style was created in Mapbox Studio.