Eric Pitcock


Handcrafted logo and business card design.

Paperplane, logo


I usually start logo jobs by flipping through a bunch books, marking pages with things that inspire or seem relevant. It’s not about finding things that look like what I want. It’s about finding things that have the feeling I want.

Paperplane liked the idea of a quirky, script logo, and let me run with that single direction, rather than explore a bunch of different ones — which is usually the case with logo design.

Tracing paper is a logo designer’s best friend. It’s a great way to iterate on a design by hand. I start with pencil and sketch lightly. Then darker as things start to work out. When I have something I like — although usually still pretty messy — I ink it in. That inked sketch is used as a guide for the next iteration, copying and improving upon the good and redrawing the bad. This process is repeated several times.

The final version was done in Illustrator using a single path. I find that a single path gives you fluidity that multiple paths don’t.


  • Staedtler Mars Technico lead holder
  • uni-ball Onyx Rollerball, fine point, black
  • Tracing paper galore
  • Illustrator
Paperplane, logo, sketches Paperplane, business card, illustration Paperplane, business card, sketches