Eric Pitcock


Quickly create color palettes from a randomly generated set of hues. So simple.

Color, desktop

Setting the tone

Use of color is, in my opinion, the most critical element of design. The best illustration the world has ever seen will suffer from poor color choices.

But choosing color is hard and time consuming. Because of this, many color palette tools have popped up on the web. A lot of them make you choose from a color wheel picker. Some have robots and fancy pants algorithms that choose color combinations for you. And entire sites are built around sharing palettes other people have created.

What if you didn’t know you wanted a mustard yellow until you saw it? What if you know borrowing is a part of design, but this time you wanted the satisfaction of building your own?

This is where Color (I may need a better name) comes in. By suggesting random variations of each hue, you can spend more time building colors combinations and less time worrying about the RGB values. There will always be time to tweak the colors later.

Next steps

I’m currently revisiting the design, starting with mobile (it’s not mobile friendly right now). I also plan to add new features, like color refresh, CSS import, and improved CSS export. And perhaps refactor using React (after I learn it).


  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • SASS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Gulp